Lucknow Smart City Mobile App Development RFP
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LMC is extending its citizen service through various delivery channels. The Objective is to cultivate positive and productive civic practices using modern technology innovatively and builds systems & solutions around it. This is a one-stop solution to manage, supervise and regularize city governance activities, using smart phones (Android and iPhone).
Government employees can utilize such technology to run their day-to-day government- information tasks efficiently. The need and desire for civic and government agencies to be more intricately connected is growing rapidly. The mobile application platform reduces the cost of services, make governance citizen friendly, reduce the physical interface with the staff and official and it is an ideal platform for obtaining feedback and for online monitoring of programme, activities and the delivery of services. The mobile digital platform helps in reducing the number of trips the citizens have to make to a municipal services office. It is a convenient tool on account of the fact that most of the populations of citizens in Lucknow using smart phones. This platform is also ideal for G-to-C and C-to-G interface.

S.No.  Information Related to Bid Process Details
1 Date of Advertisement for Tender/Bid document. 18-12-2017 (Monday)
2 Tender Document Fee Rs 5000/- to be paid online at
3 Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Rs 30,000/- (Thirty Thousand Only)
4 Tender Due Date/Last Date of Bid Submission. 10/01/2018 (Friday) upto 3:00 PM
5 Bid validity period 180 days from Tender due date/last date of bid submission.
6 Last date for submission of queries for clarification by LSCL 25/01/2018 (Friday) upto 3:00
7 Pre-Bid meeting 27/12/2017 At 12:00 PM Triloknath Hall, O/o Lucknow Municipal Corporation, Triloknath Marg, Lalbagh, Lucknow
8 Opening of Technical Bid– date, time and venue 10/01/2018 At 04:30 PM Triloknath Hall, O/o Lucknow Municipal Corporation, Triloknath Marg, Lalbagh, Lucknow
9 Opening of Financial Bid After evaluation of Technical Bids Date shall be intimated accordingly.
10 Letter of Award (LoA) After finalizing the bid process Date shall be intimated accordingly
11 Signing of Agreement Within 15 days of issue of Letter of Award (LoA)

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