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Aikya Yashila

Commented on: 03-Oct-2019 12:06:07

Sir, Bring in Sanshodhan An E-Waste Exchange to UP. They are recognised internationally to solve e-waste and plastic menace.

Anuj Nigam

Commented on: 15-Sep-2019 09:44:47

We can improve traffic in effective way. Currently there are hardly cops at crossings. Unemployment may be managed with employing more cops, if you are short, and deploying them on crossings and streets. Let them regulate traffic and challan miscreants. It will benefit: low rate of accidents, faster traffic movement which generates more citizen hours to nation, economy in fuel consumption in city, builds traffic sense in citizens. I am not sure what stops but it’s not being taken care of even at main crossings, near Amausi airport, Awadh Crossing, Telibagh crossing, Bangla bazar and most of the areas in Lucknow. Hope idle cops may be deployed else there can be temporary hiring, training, engaging educational institutions to involve college students for such drive, which need to continue for at least a year. Thanks

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