Sugam Lucknow

Increasing walkability by providing footpaths, encroachment free pavements & making cycle tracks to improve environment comes under Sugam Lucknow Movement. Conversion of parking spaces into Smart Parking to have automated fare collection system and Digital Display boards in the city. There is also a provision for 'Unified Smart Mobility Cards' which can be used in all types of public transport like Buses, Tempos, Auto Rickshaws etc. and development of nodal centres for Auto & Tempo parking, they will not be allowed to park vehicles anywhere on road but park it only at authorized nodal centres. Also development of smart bus shelters which would give real time information of bus's location and arrival time is an important provision under this segment.

Strategic Focus

Strategic Blueprint
Integrated Smart Public Transportation


SG1: Sustainable smart traffic solutions that are technology enabled

List of Projects Under Sugam

  • Pedestrian Infra & Street Furniture
  • Pelican Crossing for Interconnecting Parks (Begum Hazrat & surroundings)
  • Cycle Track (10.35 km)
  • Variable Message Signs (5 nos)
  • New Multi Level Car Parking at (Parking - Globe Park, Parking - Vegetable Market, Qaiserbagh Crossing and Parking - Fish Market, Qaiserbagh Crossing)
  • Smart Parking Solutions for Off Street Parking (Qaiserbagh Bus Stand, Dayanidhan Park and Sarojini Naidu Park)
  • Smart Parking Solutions for On Street Parking (9 locations)
  • Smart Ticketing [Temprorary Enroachment Regulation & Penalty System]
  • Road & Junction Improvements
  • Safety & Security (CCTV Camera, Emergency Call Points and Modern Police Kiosks)